Set of large sculpting gouges (SV)

A set of 4 gouges suitable for processing larger shapes, for finishing after working with a chainsaw, and for rough removal of material. Suitable for amateurs and professionals who have basic woodworking done with a saw, chisels can be used to shape curves and surfaces. For details, it is possible to expand the set with other tools assembled in the sets, or to purchase individual pieces according to specific needs.

R 2/40 profile 2, width 40 mm

R 6/50 profile 6, width 50 mm

R 8/35 profile 8, width 35 mm

R 11/20 profile 11, width 20 mm

The set includes a case for 8 chisels and a wooden mallet.


Carving of larger dimensions, after working with a chainsaw, rough removal of material.

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