Flat woodcarving knife M-stein – blade shape N10

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Carving knives are basic tools for cutting wooden surfaces and objects. Suitable for hand-cutting small wooden objects and carving wooden artpieces.

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The N10 blade is narrowed to a minimum bearable size and allows detailed work even in cavities.

SKU: V-N10
Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 165 × 20 × 18 mm
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About the M-stein brand

We manufacture professional tools for woodcarvers, sculptors, linocut printers, and other artists since 1994. The main focus of M-stein company remains woodcarving gouges and accessories for woodcutting. We offer more than 500 types of chisels and gouges of different shapes and sizes. Discover our offer for carving wood, spoon making, lino printing, and more.